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Kickbox offers users 100 free verifications. After that, here’s what you should expect to pay to verify subscribers’ email addresses:

  • 50k verifications: $250
  • 100k verifications: $400
  • 250k verifications: $750
  • 500k verifications: $1,000
  • 1mm verifications: $1,500
  • 5mm verifications: $2,500

Never Bounce

Never Bounce offers volume rates, so the more emails you verify, the less you will pay per email verification. Here’s what you can expect to pay for Never Bounce:

  • Up to 10k verifications: $0.008/email
  • Up to 100k verifications: $0.005/email
  • Up to 250k verifications: $0.004/email
  • Up to 1mm verifications: $0.003/email
  • Up to 3mm verifications: $0.0025/email
  • Up to 10mm verifications: $0.001/email


Brit Verify

With Brit Verify, your first 250,000 email verifications each month cost $0.01. Brit Verify also offers tiered discounts, so the more emails you verify every month, the less it will cost. Here’s a breakdown of their volume rates:

  • 0-250k verifications: $0.01/email
  • 250k – 500k: $0.008/email
  • 500k – 1mm: $0.006/email
  • 1mm – 2 mm: $0.005/email
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