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Currently Global IT and Language Institute Ltd. is running one projects of Graphic Design Services named Photo Trims ( and following services are provided from these projects.

Image Processing: Corporate Identity Creative Design
Clipping Path / Silo Path
Image Masking
Background Removing
Shadow Making
Color Correction / Re-color
Image Retouching
Neck Joint / In clip / Ghost Mannequin
360 panorama
E-commerce image processing
Logo Design
Brochure / Flyer Design
Catalog Design
Business Card Design
Advertising Design
Raster to Vector
Album Design
Digital Illustration
Image to Carton

Photoshop Clipping Path Service

A clipping path is a shape that separates the transparent portion of an image from the part that is not transparent. Photoshop clipping path or Silhouette/silo is one of the basic image manipulation techniques which are very usable in visual presentation when you need to remove the background of images, change the background of the images or put drop shadow. Clipping path services has a broad usage in e-commerce when marketers necessitate displaying their products.

We Photo Trims are capable of handling any workload at reasonable price. Photo trims an experienced clipping path service provider, which is highly regarded to produce high-end services. A marketer as well as, digital photographers, advertising and marketing agencies, web design companies, and publishing companies can take advantage of this kind of services.

Photo Trims Provide following Photoshop Clipping Path services:

  • Simple/Basic Clipping Path
  • Compound Clipping Path
  • Complex Clipping Path
  • Super Complex Clipping Path

Image Masking Service

The masking of photograph is used for isolating any part of a photograph from the remainder of the photograph where the edges are not sharp or well defined. It may be the whole image or a simple portion of that. The process of image masking is a long and time consuming process and depends much on the image and the sector to be masked. Photoshop Image Masking Services is necessary to change the backdrop of some painstaking photographs which are not quite possible applying just Photoshop Tool.

The image manipulation gurus of Photo Trims are inspirited and resourceful for setting up that experienced in laying a hand on in virtually all varieties and styles of photographs that would need masks effects. Practical experience featured us to comprehend the implication of being focused on the product or service buyer’s needs to market and stay away from pointless backdrops.

Photo Trims offer Photoshop Image Masking Service in the following categories:

  • Alpha Channel Masking
  • Advanced or Complex Layer (Hair & Fur) Masking
  • Photoshop Transparency Masking
  • Translucent Image Masking
  • Photoshop Collage Masking

Background Removing Services

Image background removal service also called in photo cut out service. Remove background from image is known by most people. Editing background remover is normally used to remove picture background. In a further modification, this editing renders capability to add background or change photo background. If you are a commercial or fashion photographer, eventually you’ll run into a client who will ask to have their product, model, etc. to be placed on a perfectly white background. This method is very popular in the e-commerce and print industries for many brands, sellers and catalogs.

Background removal is a frequently used image manipulation technique, used to erase the unwanted back-drop from the image. Think about you snap a shot of a product where a number of other substances exit what you never mean to show; especially this happens when you’re doing marketing for your product in an e-commerce site. Remove background from image basically changes the whole image. It looks more attractive and any attractive image can make it eye catchy to others.

Photo trims offers you the best image background remover who can edit your images means image cut out in a real short time and with full proficiency. And again we charge reasonably so that our clients stay with us to get our all editing services here only. By cutting out the dull or lifeless background and adding up some new more exciting one it really changes the whole view point! This removing task after complete clipping path needs 100% accuracy to make it look cool and awesome so leave the task to our professionals.

Photo trims provides you the best of image background removal services. It is a real receptive task to maintain the higher quality of image and cutout the background in a proper way. We are the team of professional designers who can deliver a high quality work done in a blink of your eye. We are not forcing anyone to trust us but we are ready to accept any kind of challenge you just need to buzz the Free Trial button. It is there for a reason! Our price range is starting from $0.40 and it gets high with the complexity level of task to $5. In case of you having bulk images we can offer you our special discount service too. Time duration of the job depends on the quantity and complexity level of the work normally the most complicated work takes more than one hour to complete one image.

Color Correction Services:

Color Correction or Grading is the technique of changing the colors present in an image. This could be a stark change (blue to red) or a subtle change (white balance).The difference between the word correction and grading is a gray area (pun intended). If the colors are already perfect, there is no need to change them. If you do change the colors, you could call it your artistic expression or correction. The audience will only see the final version, no matter the herculean effort that went into changing red into blue.

Very often a marketer wants to see how the products look like in different color. Sometimes they call us for to alter the color to get a better and vibrant look. So we can see- color correction is important and we proudly say that we have very efficient and creative designers to do that task for you.

Our photo trims carefully examines the colors that have used in creating your photo. Our team of trained professional photo retouches will assess the total content of your project and make any necessary color adjustment. We can help restore any missing dynamic range and lend your image a full variety of colors. While we do this, we’re careful to preserve the mood of the photo and paint your subjects in the best light possible. We can fix poor lighting, exposure and any tints that have worked their way into your picture. We’re also happy to perform whatever subtle edits are necessary to help your photo pop.

Color Correction Where Can Be Use For

Brightening a dark or underexposed image
Adding a cinematic feel to an otherwise bland shot
Correcting poor contrast
Increasing the dynamic range of an image
Adjusting lighting levels across an image
Naturally drawing viewers to a particular part of a picture
Changing the mood of your photograph without making significant edits
Removing unnatural tints
Correcting for poor or colored lighting

Shadow Making Services:

Shadow Making Service is the process to beautify photo quality. If you can add some shadows to it, believe me, it will be much more enchanting and eye soothing. This is one of the top-notch services of Adobe Photoshop for the past couple of years. It’s increasingly becoming much popular among photo lovers. The main positive thing is it can produce a satisfying effect on your image. Generally, most of the designers use clipping path service to remove the image in the background.

Shadowing an image can double the beauty of an image and give natural essence to it, that’s why you’ll find shadowing very common and much-practiced image manipulation technique. We basically deal with two types of image shadowing- drop shadowing and reflection shadowing and for both of the services we have cost-effective packages for you. And we do say it- we’re definitely the best provider of this service. Why? Because our highly professional art directors use the latest software’s for shadowing the images our clients give to us.

Photo trims Provides shadow making services like:

  • Drop Shadow
  • Natural / Product Shadow
  • Reflection / Mirror Shadow

Photo Retouching Services:

Not every photo comes out perfectly, no matter how skilled the photographer who shot it. You may not have had the right lighting at the time of the shot. Or you may have dropped and dented a product just before the photoshoot — with no time to snag a replacement.

And we often are inclined to demonstrate our priceless photograph or images with a little bit more editing or ornamentation. In Image Editing, this technique is termed Photo Retouching and Restoration. The exquisite work includes sky-importance in photography Enterprise, Web or Marketing reason.

Photo Trims – an outsourcing photo editing services provider including remove image background in Bangladesh, will give you to get our brilliant Photo Retouching and restoration service in more affordable budget and extremely fast turnaround time. When there is large quantity snapshot or product or service photographs to be retouched or recovered for better presentation, don’t think twice to knock us whenever you want.

Our top notch Graphics Designers put a painstaking effort with utter creativity to accomplish in your image retouching and restoration in Photoshop, photo touch up with every detail. Our Photo Retouching and restoration service will make your images more vivid, good-looking and lively

Photo Trims will get started on a maneuver to bring back your shattered or jumbled images into appealing yields

We provide below types of Photo Retouch Services -

  • Headshot Retouching
  • Portrait Photo Retouching
  • Product Photo Retouching
  • Dust/Wrinkle Removing
  • Removing spots / large scratches / blemishes
  • Remove water / chemical damage
  • Increasing the photo resolution
  • Coloring black and white photos
  • Glamour photo editing
  • Montage masking
  • Color correction
  • Image restoration
  • Repairing of damaged photos


Photo Trims provides jewelry photography retouching services. Our narrow focus on jewelry retouching helps us to deliver high quality images in shorter turnaround time (usually less than 24 hours) and offer much lower prices for great quality of work. Our highly experienced retouches have more than 5 years experience working with jewelry photos only.

We offer following services in-case of Jewelry Retouching:

  • Color Correction
  • Change Gemstone & Gold Color
  • Clipping & Create Realistic Shadow
  • Clear Dust & Remove Bad Reflection
  • Making Stone More Shinning

Photoshop Ghost Mannequins Effect/Neck Joint Services:

Mannequin helps your product to keep its shape, which will result more professional and consistent effect on your product images. This can be very helpful to promote your product and gain more attention from the customers.

Photoshop ghost mannequin effect, another named of neck joint service means the process that allowing you to hide your mannequin layer and express your clothing product image rightly. It’s one of the most in demand image editing tactics, applied to clear or combine the neck to a new image. In this modern internet base era we cannot think about a business without online visibility. The e-shop, professional clothing photography, fashion photography, and readymade business highly needed this service to capture their worldwide target customer.

Photrims is happy to provide you with this ghost mannequin service, which is ideal for any kind of images taken of clothing or garments that’s going to end up published somewhere. Images look a lot more professional on an Ecommerce site, by using this technique, than to go for a simpler image with a person or a mannequin wearing it.

It also allows an onlooker to focus solely on the product, and less on the person wearing it, which is extremely important. The last thing you need from a customer is to get carried away from the item you’re trying to sell.

Our team has ample experience working with these types of situations, so come on in and talk to us, we’ll tell you what we can do for you.

We Photo Trims ghost mannequin editing service provides so many add-on service beside creating invisible mannequin images; like- remove wrinkles from the cloth, change the color of the attire, background removal, 360 degree view. If our customer required, we also can liquefy their cloth image to explore the best look for it. Our exchange price depends on the complexity of the requirement and the amount of work order.


The photographs that showcase your products on your website should be of the best quality to attract consumers and entice them to click the buy button. Photo Trims is an expert image editing company with more than 10 years of experience in product photo editing and ecommerce product image editing. By outsourcing your product photo editing requirement to us, you can rest assured that bulk images will be edited quickly, while maintaining high standards of quality consistently, to achieve the best results for your business.

While visiting your website, customer can’t physically touch or feel the product; all you have on display to make sales possible is the product’s image. That’s why your e-commerce photography needs to be of excellent quality, as it entices site visitors and makes them purchase. This is also exactly the reason why E-Commerce image processing is so crucial for your e-commerce business.

Our E-commerce Image Processing includes the following categories

  • Men’s & Women’s Fashion
  • Phones & Tablets
  • TV, Audio & Gaming
  • Computing & Appliances
  • Home & Living
  • Beauty & Health
  • Baby, Toys & Kids
  • High Volume Image Processing


High dynamic range (HDR) photography is a technique that allows a photographer to take the same image at different exposures and then blend them together to produce one image that features the best exposed parts from each of the images. For a virtual tour, this is particularly useful, as most virtual tours rely on a 360 degree perspective. Often you will be shooting both away from and into a light source. Usually this would mean that you would have to compromise between the two and potentially have dark patches that are underexposed on one side and light patches that are overexposed on the other. Using HDR you can shoot at three or more exposure levels–low, medium, and high–and then blend them together to create the perfect panorama.

Digital photography depending on online applications requires a shining and resourceful distort throughout the component of a comparatively cutting edge rationale of 360 degree panoramic edging. In 360 Spectacular Imaging Providers, several regularly framed pictures are combined as well as stitched as being a single. They overlap others exactly where absolutely no seam is obvious.

You can make your internet site appearance great and even extremely outstanding by using an open viewpoint digital e-tour of your position or just assets, as this will give you with a way to take a look of your position, services or products with a large spectacular watch.

360 degree wide ranging mending is a great procedure of digital photography, employing special application. It is usually referred to as extensive data format digital photography , 360 qualification picture mending , 360° graphic companies , 360 Beautiful Imaging Companies , scenery embroidering services . a graphic exhibiting a topic of view approximating , or perhaps higher than , that of the human beings eye – about 160° by 75° – could also be categorized beautiful . This typically means it possesses an aspect ratio of 2:1 or superior. The ensuing graphics seize the way of an extensive band. Panorama Pictures have aspect ratios of 4:1 and sometimes 10:1, covering fields of view of up to 360 degrees. Each of the aspect ratio and cover of area are very important elements in explaining a real spectacular image.

Our team has ample experience working with these types of situations, so come on in and talk to us, we’ll tell you what we can do for you.

We Photo Trims ghost mannequin editing service provides so many add-on service beside creating invisible mannequin images; like- remove wrinkles from the cloth, change the color of the attire, background removal, 360 degree view. If our customer required, we also can liquefy their cloth image to explore the best look for it. Our exchange price depends on the complexity of the requirement and the amount of work order.

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